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Quick Questions

In case you have more questions good
it will be to contact a representative of ours.

Can I rent a vehicle for more than 15 days?

Course. HAPPY RENTAL IKE leases its vehicles and long-term. In this case you should contact one of our representatives in order to find out about the special and friendly prices available in this case.

Can I move off the island with a vehicle?

Transportation with one of the vehicles of HAPPY RENTAL IKE should be done strictly within the boundaries of the island as well as in Agios Efstratios after informing us. For anything else regarding this you should contact a representative of the company.

In case I encounter any difficulty with the vehicle, what should I do?

In case you notice a malfunction or a light has been lit on the instrument panel of the car, you should immobilize it and stay calm. You can then call on our phone and speak directly with a representative of ours. Still in the glove compartment of the car there is the instruction book that can explain what any indication means.

How do I know if my vehicle is in good condition mechanically?

In the glove box of the car is available or its registration as well as the service book. Also available will be the book KTEO (there may not be a book because most of our cars are new and do not pass from the first years of KTEO).

What if I want/need to cancel my reservation?

From the moment you receive an email confirming the reservation (and the deposit of the deposit is made) it means that the vehicle you selected will be waiting for you at the place and time you have completed. However, in case the reservation is cancelled by the customer without any reason of force majeure, then the amount of the deposit is not refundable. In case of force majeure (weather conditions, cancellations of itineraries, etc.) the amount of the deposit is not refundable but can be used in your next reservation.

Do you need to commit money for a guarantee?

HAPPY RENTAL IKE will not ask any of its customers to reserve money as a guarantee.

What do I need to have with me to pick up the vehicle?

This must be with you upon receipt of your vehicle is your driving licence and identity card or passport.

Where can I pick up my vehicle from?

You will be able to pick up your vehicle from the predetermined points on our website (Airport, Port, Ktel Square) but also from the point where you choose Lemnos at no extra charge.

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